Rohit Madaan

International Trade Consultant

Founder & MD GRV International Business Consultancy LLP


Hello, Greetings!

My name is Rohit Madaan and I am an International Trade Consultant based in the European Union. 


I founded my company called “GRV International Business Consultancy LLP” in 2016 in India and opened a representative office in Barcelona, Spain in 2018 with the purpose of better professional representation and invoicing purposes. 

I have done certification in sales (“Certified Professional Sales Person”) from the National Association of Sales Professionals, USA. And I am C1 level certified in the English Language from the British Council. 

Since I started my career in 2006, I have been involved in numerous projects in various countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Latvia, USA and India and I have become excellent in developing International Trade strategies over time. 

I am excellent at understanding the client’s need and I find sales solutions according to their needs in order to generate maximum revenue. I am excellent at oral & written communication and very effective in negotiating and closing deals. 

I am very comfortable and efficient in communicating with top key decision-taking persons (C, VP, Director level) in the organizations. My exposure also includes attending many events in the presence of Head of State, Ministers & Ambassadors and communicating with them. 

You are welcome to contact me if you are looking for solutions to expand your business globally.  


Rohit Madaan

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